Shopping for ceiling fans on the Gold Coast

Make an impact in your penthouse or modern villa with our range of industrial ceiling fans. Or you can evoke holidays and opulent resort living with the unique exotic ceiling fans found in luxury accommodation around the world. Whatever your style, we’d love to help create the perfect atmosphere in your living space.


Different ceiling fan designs offer different airflow types. There is no “right” airflow type – it really comes down to your personal preference (do you like high velocity airflow, or gentle, whisper quiet cooling) and the climate you live in.

Gold Coast experiences a humid subtropical climate, with mild winters and warm and humid summers

Humid climates
In order to stay cool in more humid climates, we recommend higher-velocity ceiling fans to ensure you receive powerful cooling that’ll help stave off the oppressive heat.

Dry climates
In drier climates, you don’t necessarily need as powerful a fan. A gentle breeze is often enough to help keep you cool – so take advantage of our larger, low-velocity ceiling fans for an impressive feature that’ll help keep everyone cool.

Installing your fan outdoors?

If you're looking for an outdoor ceiling fan, there are a few things to look for depending on where you live and where the fan is going.

Live near the sea or have a saltwater pool?
Ceiling fans installed near the ocean (or a saltwater pool) should be coastal-rated to ensure the fan is designed to resist the harsher conditions.

Will your fan be exposed to water?
If your ceiling fan is likely to be exposed to rain or high levels of moisture, then we recommend wet-rated ceiling fans which have been engineered to resist water and condensation from damaging the fan.

Is your fan going on a deck or verandah that's fairly well protected?
If your fan is going outdoors but won’t be rained on directly, then choose one of the damp-rated ceiling fans (or better) which have a powder-coated finish designed to better resist rust and corrosion.

Installing your fan indoors?

Choose from any of our fans for your indoor space (including those designed for outdoors!) as there’s really no restrictions. Depending on the type of room you’re installing your fan, different features are important – whether you're looking for a quiet ceiling fan for your bedroom, or a feature fan for your dining room, we'd love to help find the best option for your style.

Features are important – so is matching your style. Shop for your new ceiling fan by style.