Harlequin 36" Kids Ceiling Fan
The fun way to stay cool

The Harlequin 36" kids ceiling fan is engineered for powerful cooling in a playful design. With a light kit and chrome base included as standard, the Harlequin is an all-in-one lighting and cooling solution. And at just 36 inch (90 cm) blade span, this mini fan is ideal for kids bedrooms.

Fun. Bright. Colourful.

Your child's bedroom is more than a place for sleep. It's a haven of play and imagination; adventure and exploration; growth and learning. Give your kids the brightest room in the house with the Multi-Coloured Harlequin ceiling fan.

Powerful cooling

Thanks to the aerodynamic design of the blades, combined with a high performance motor, the Harlequin offers powerful cooling in a compact design.

Rest easy

Moulded from ABS plastic the Harlequin’s six blades are quieter, safer and easier to clean than traditional metal bladed fans.

Light included. Bulbs too

There’s a light conveniently built into every Harlequin ceiling fan. So you get a cooling and lighting solution as standard. Plus there’s two complimentary G9 light bulbs included.

Don't need a light?

If you don’t need your ceiling fan to also be your light, we’ve got you covered. The Harlequin includes a polished chrome base to finish your fan in style.