Odyn Large 84 inch Ceiling Fan

Introducing the Odyn 84"
ceiling fan by Fanimation

At a massive 84 inches, the Odyn ceiling fan by Fanimation provides impressive cooling for large living spaces. Cutting edge DC motor technology enables the Odyn to move huge volumes of air extremely efficiently. Available in Brushed Nickel with two blades options – Black and Walnut – the Odyn comes standard with an 18W LED light kit. Or use the included steel cap to finish the fan in style without a light. Finally, a six speed remote control with light on/off and reverse function is included for added convenience.

Odyn – Extra Large Ceiling Fan


Magnificent to behold.
Internals to match.

Building such a colossal ceiling fan is a feat on its own. And the components you never see are even more impressive. Utilising a precision array of powerful magnets, the DC-165L motor is able to provide powerful torque more efficiently than traditional AC ceiling fan motors. This means the Odyn’s nine very large blades are able to sweep huge volumes of air, providing efficient cooling for large spaces.

Sweeping airflow for large spaces

The Odyn provides High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) cooling ideal for large open spaces. Thanks to the powerful internal motor, large blade sweep, aerodynamic blade design and effective blade pitch the Odyn moves up to four times the airflow of other ceiling fans.

Odyn Airflow Comparison

Comparing airflow in cubic meters per hour

HVLS: Is it right for me?

HVLS ceiling fans are engineered to move large volumes of air at a lower velocity – ideal for large spaces where keeping the air fresh and circulating is important. HVLS fans can significantly reduce cooling costs in spaces with air conditioning too. By mixing the layers of different air temperature, your air conditioner can work more effectively even with the thermostat set a few degrees warmer.

Odyn – Highly efficient cooling


Low power consumption.
High efficiency.

You already know that ceiling fans are highly efficient compared to other cooling methods, such as air conditioning. And the Odyn’s cutting edge DC motor takes efficiency to the next level, consuming up to 70 percent less electricity than traditional AC ceiling fans. The lower electrical usage of the DC motor also has the added benefit of keeping the motor cooler, effectively extending the fan’s lifespan.

Odyn Power Comparison

Comparing power consumption on high speed

High efficiency airflow

The high airflow and low power consumption translates into an extremely efficient cooling machine, so your fan moves more air while using less power.

Odyn Efficiency Comparison

Comparing airflow per watt efficiency

Click 'Steel Cap' or 'LED Light' to toggle the light

You can install your Odyn fan with or without a light. The choice is yours.

The Odyn includes an 18W LED Light Kit as standard so your ceiling fan can also be a light source. For those times you don't want your fan to be a light, the included Brushed Nickel Cap can be installed instead to finish your fan in style.

Odyn Light Features
Odyn Remote Control Included


Six speed remote control included

The Odyn includes a six speed remote control with light control and reversing function. So you can control your fan from the comfort of your couch, dining room or office.

Whisper quiet cooling

The Odyn has been designed to offer efficient cooling in large spaces, whisper quietly. The DC motor technology is even quieter than traditional AC fans and undergoes strict quality control in soundproof testing rooms. Combined with all-weather moulded blades which are quieter than traditional metal-bladed fans, the Odyn can comfortably cool large spaces virtually without noise.

Premium materials, strict quality control


Premium construction and
strict quality control

Being a family owned business, Fanimation understand some things are simply too precious to be left to chance. That’s why they invest so heavily in strict quality control measures. From hiring their own Quality Control staff to testing every motor design in a soundproof room, Fanimation cut no corners. So every fan they ship exceeds the strictest quality and safety standards. And once they’re done, we complete our own tests to ensure they comply with our strict Australian safety standards.

Safety features, built-in

Blade obstruction detection

The Odyn has a built-in safety feature which detects blade obstruction – so if something stops the fan from spinning, it will automatically switch off after 30 seconds. This ensures the motor won’t overheat or be damaged due to the obstruction.

Smart power protection

If the fan motor detects abnormal power consumption (exceeding 80W), then the fan's onboard processor will shut off power to the motor to prevent damage. Normal operation can be resumed by disconnecting the power supply for 5 seconds.

Premium materials, strict quality control


Your fan, calibrated.

When your new Odyn fan starts up for the first time, it completes a 5 minute startup sequence which calibrates the motor based on the installed blade weights. This process only needs to be completed once and ensures your fan will operate optimally at all six speeds.

Three year onsite warranty

The Odyn has been engineered to provide reliable cooling for years to come. The three year onsite warranty ensures your fan meets the high quality standards you'd expect from a Fanimation ceiling fan. And if you experience anything less, we'll work with you to make it right. Our local Southeast Queensland support team are ready to help.