Spitfire 60" Ceiling Fan
Sleek and elegant cooling

Sleek and elegant, the Spitfire ceiling fan blends modern styling with aerodynamic efficiency to create the perfect cooling solution for your contemporary decor. The Spitfire’s 60” blades are meticulously sculpted from buttonwood timber to be incredibly light yet durable. This care and precision culminates in the blades seamlessly coming together to create a smooth, continuous and ultimately beautiful surface. 

Spitfire - Rich timber bladess

Stay cool in style

At the heart of the Spitfire is an impressive 188 x 25mm high performance motor. Utilising proven AC technology, the internal motor has been carefully chosen to provide a foundation of reliability and quality.

Encasing the motor is the Spitfire’s elegantly simple housing, designed and engineered to gracefully fade into the background, allowing the timber blades to remain the focus. Choose from one of three motor finishes: Black, Brushed Nickel and Matte White.

Select a blade finish

Delivering elegance through
nuanced engineering

From the very beginning, the Spitfire has been deliberately designed and engineered to showcase its rich timber blades. Every iteration, every decision has driven this pursuit of a smooth and continuous surface to provide a distinct finish.

Each blade is meticulously sculpted from buttonwood timber to achieve a remarkable, rich finish that’s incredibly light yet durable. Shunning traditional blade holders and exposed screws, the Spitfire offers a refreshingly clean aesthetic.