fanSync Bluetooth Remote Control

fanSync Bluetooth Remote Control
for Australia

Introducing the fanSync Bluetooth Remote Control by Fanimation for Australia. fanSync utilises Bluetooth technology so you can control your fan speed and light output with the swipe of a finger. The free fanSync app can be downloaded on most modern Apple and Android smart devices, letting you control your fan's speed, light and timer function. Bundled together with a companion remote control and wall plate, fanSync takes convenience to a whole new level.

fanSync Companion Remote Control

Companion remote

For those times when its more convenient to use a remote hand piece than to pull out your phone, fanSync includes a companion remote control. The clean, smart design of fanSync’s companion remote control and wall plate cleverly combine the practicality of a wall control with the convenience of a remote control. The control features three fan speeds, standard light on/off and optional dimming support.

Bluetooth Compatible
fanSync Bluetooth Remote

Control your fan from
your smart device

Thanks to the Bluetooth technology deftly integrated into the remote receiver, fanSync Australia allows you to control your ceiling fan from your smart device. Download the free fanSync app for iOS and Android and enjoy the added convenience of controlling your ceiling fan from most modern smart devices. So even when your remote hand piece is far away, controlling your ceiling fan is almost always within reach.

Control your fan's speed

Both the handheld remote control and fanSync app support three fan speeds and an off setting. On your remote hand piece, set the speed from low (1) to high (3), or use your smart device by simply dragging the slider from left (off) to right (high) to set your fan's speed. Try it below.

fanSync Three Fan Speeds

Fan Speed: Off


Drag sliderDrag slider

Light Control supports dimming Light Control supports dimming
Light Control supports dimming 0%

Light control
supports dimming

Drag sliderDrag slider

Your ceiling fan's light can be controlled with basic on/off functionality and dimming support is available with compatible lights.

fanSync Timer Function
fanSync Bluetooth Remote

Timer to switch your fan
and light off

You can set your fan to automatically turn off, so you don’t have to remember to do it. Set your fan to turn off after a couple of minutes so you can leave the room safely, or in a couple of hours so you can fall asleep to the gentle whoosh of your ceiling fan.

fanSync Fan List
fanSync Fan List Icon

Control multiple fans from
multiple devices

All fanSync enabled fans can be controlled by any smart device with the fanSync app installed. There’s no limit to the number of fans you can control within the app, and there’s no limit to the number of smart devices that can control a fanSync fan.

What's included in the box

Your new fanSync Bluetooth Remote Control includes a Bluetooth-enabled remote receiver to be installed in your ceiling fan by a licensed electrician. Also included is the companion remote control hand piece and wall plate. Once installed, simply download the fanSync app on your smart device.

fanSync Bluetooth Receiver
fanSync Remote Hand Piece and Wall Plate

Compatible with most modern iOS and Android smart devices

The fanSync app is a free download from the Apple and Android app stores and supports most modern smart devices. Prior to purchasing a fanSync Bluetooth remote control, please visit the Apple or Android app store (links below) on your smart device and confirm your device is supported by downloading the application.

Download fanSync iOS App Download fanSync Android App

Approved ceiling fans

The fanSync Bluetooth remote control is covered by a 12 month on-site warranty when installed with an approved ceiling fan. Install the fanSync Bluetooth Remote Control with any 240V AC ceiling fan from ThreeSixty, Fanimation or Emerson and you'll be covered by this warranty.