Important: My Fan Visualiser is provided as a shopping aid only. Images are not to scale. Refer to the product's specification sheet for actual dimensions. Colours will vary between device screens and installed fans will be subject to shadows and lighting.

My Fan Visualiser
See fans in your space

The My Fan Visualiser tool is provided to visualise a range of fans in your space to aid the shopping experience.

Step 1: Add a photo of your space
Choose the Select a room option at the top of the screen. You can switch between the supplied photos or upload a photo of your own space by pressing the Choose an image button. Depending on the device you're using, you can either take a photo and upload, upload an existing photo or bring in photos from your favourite social media tool.

Step 2: Choose a fan
Choose Select a fan in the navigation bar. You can limit the number of fans shown by using the filters at the top of the dropdown. Simply click (or tap) a fan you'd like to see.

Step 3: Resize and position the fan in your space
Use the Resize option on the left side of the screen to scale the fan. You can move the fan around the screen by clicking (or tapping) and dragging.

Step 4: Getting more information about the fan
For more information on the selected fan, press the Details button.

Step 5: Save your work
When you're happy with the look, press the Save button to turn it into a photo for viewing and sharing.